Sunday, August 17, 2014


I get giddy every time a PWE from Mark H. arrives. I know it's always going to have something good in it.

Mark found out on another post that I was a Syracuse grad, so he said, "I'll have to send you a Dave Bing card." For those of you who might not be basketball fans, Dave Bing went to Syarcuse, was a #2 overall NBA pick, had a Hall of Fame career, and also was the mayor of Detroit. Pretty impressive stuff! He doesn't get the recognition that a lot of other legends get, but make no mistake, he was one of the best.

Mark sent me three Bing cards, including this awesome over-sized card, which I am told was from 1976-77 and Topps actually did a full set of these. Interesting.
And of course, Mark threw in two Yanks as well!
Thank you, sir!


  1. I went over to COMC's to see other photos in that 76/77T set and the Bing blows all of the other cards away. That card is spectacular!

  2. The old basketball sets are pretty cool. Bing even had a couple good years with the Celts