Monday, August 11, 2014

JBF Epic Boxes: The End*

*because I've since received two more epic packages from Jaybarkerfan's Junk

Anyhow, this will be the finish of the two flat rate boxes from a few months ago. These were a blast to go through, and netted me a ton of awesome cards.

Pack 15

This is a cool Stadium Club Members Only team set card of Brien Taylor. Most of the set was in fact here, but I'm showing the "what could have been" Taylor. Not a bad design, although the gold chips easily.
Collector's Choice brings me back. It was my favorite set as a kid...affordable, cool inserts, parallels that weren't too obnoxious, and good designs. I miss these. They represented summer for me.
This has a crease, but I don't care. It's a sweet Jimmy Dean '92 oddball.

And the card of the pack? How could this SWEET ASS UltraPro hologram not be the card of the pack? There is just so much to this card.
Total cards in pack: 52
Running total: 551

Pack 16
Eric Hinske looks exactly like The King of Queens, right? Right?
Two sweet Mattinglys. Holy crap, look at that Select '95 Big Sticks. It's on fiyaaaahhh.

The final card of the pack? A Tino relic, baby! Can't end any better than that!
Total cards in pack: 33
Final total: 584

And there you have it! Almost 600 hundred cards between the two boxes. Wes, you are the man!