Friday, August 15, 2014

I want to be a Nacho man!

In a long overdue trade post, a few months back I completed a trade with Chris over at Nachos Grande.  He pulled a nice Andy Pettitte Heritage relic that caught my eye, and I swapped it for a Reds relic.
Pretty nice card! Simple. Not the best nor worst relic I've ever seen. Still, it was new (at the time), and I wanted it.

Chris also sent some truly awesome A&G customs made by Ryan Rodd of the Munnatawket bat company. These are super cool. Chris even included his autographed copy!
Chris, thanks for the trade!


  1. Love the title! Oh, and those customs are awesome. I have a few myself.

  2. Nice Pettitte! I have a bunch of his cards that I need to send your way.

  3. That Chris Reed autographed custom is awesome!