Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The NEW oldest card in my collection

Up until last week, this was the oldest card in my collection.
Not bad. I was content with it. A vintage Goudey is nothing to be ashamed of.

However, that was until I was Zippy Zapped. Kenny from Cervin’Up Cards sent me a package of cards (which I’ll post about in the near future), and stuck in the middle of a stack of modern-day Yankee cards was this:
Here, look again:
Amazing, isn’t it? This little T206…ohhh, I just got shivers typing “T206”…it happened again when I just did that…is just an incredible thing to behold. I’ve never held one of these antique cards in my hand. I’m always surprised how tiny they are, but wow, are they ever cool! These are the types of cards that are in museums and behind glass cases, not in brown bubble mailers and stuck between two 2013 Topps cards. Not in my hands and certainly not in my collection.

I’d be thrilled to own any T206 (shiver) card, but Joe Lake is extra cool. First off, the card is of Lake as a New York Highlander. Kenny is a huge Highlanders fan, so I’m sure it was not easy for him to send this to a new home. I hope he has an upgraded copy of this card. Lake pitched for NY from 1908 to 1909, and then for St. Louis and Detroit until 1913. His best season for NY in 1909, going 14-11 with a 1.88 ERA in 215 innings. Not bad!

Second, Lake’s first name is “Joe.” My son’s name is Joey. Or Joe. Or Joe-Joe. The card is from the set that was released from 1909-1911. My son was born in 2011. So this card is 100-102 years older than him. Let’s call it an even 100 for the sake of coolness. When I inevitably give this card to him one day, all these minor coincidences will hopefully make the card that much more special to him.

From my limited research, it appears this card had both the Sweet Caporal and Piedmont backs. It’s in what I consider remarkable condition. There is a pencil or ink mark on the back. It was a probably a TTM success. Ok, probably not, but let me pretend.
Zippy Zappy, this card is spectacular. Thank you so much!


  1. Awesome card.. Kenny came through big time..

  2. Nice. You got old school zapped.

  3. It's okay Lynford Lary, I still think you're cool.

  4. Sweet card, indeed. As a 'series 150' card, I believe it is considered to be from 1909. A great resource for information on T206s is t206resource.com (not my site). It'll tell you more about the T206 set than you could possibly hope to digest including what other backs that Joe Lake card can be found with.

  5. My God, that is beautiful. I salute you, Zippy Zappy!

    They're amazing to hold in your hand, aren't they? And the glorious smell.....this is how it starts, my friend. I'm telling you, you never forget your first time with old tobacco. It haunts your dreams. In a good way.

    Mr. Lake looks really well centered with some vivid color. I love his red-colored uniform in the picture. So foreign! Yankees ancestry is a very neat topic and the Highlanders of T206 are a great way to begin internet rabbit-hole journeys! Enjoy and here's to many more!