Friday, July 10, 2015

And I said, what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?

One of the first Tino Martinez cards I ever bought in 1996 was his 1988 Topps Traded RC. I got one of those of mailings that had a list of cards for sale, then I had to write back and ask for the complete list of each player. I think you could ask for three lists without having to pay for shipping, so I selected Don Mattingly, Wade Boggs, and Tino.

I probably bought 10 Tinos for a couple of bucks, and definitely his RC. I can be certain the only other card I remember was his 1996 Topps Laser issue. Since then, I've amassed a bunch of this same Traded RC, however, I've never had the fortune of owning the glossy Tiffany parallel. Until now.

While surfing eBay, I found a list of 65 Tino cards for $.99 plus $3 shipping. I usually stay away from those lots because they are nearly all dupes. If there are a handful I need, I'll buy, but that's rare. But this one was rare. It contained one of the Tiffany RCs. The card usually goes for a few bucks on its own, but I was able to land the whole lot for the minimum bid.

Boom! It looks...just like the non-Tiffany versions, but there's definitely a lot more gloss to the front of the card. You can't tell from the scan and just need to take my word for it.
The lot was mostly dupes as predicted, although I think I did add three or four new Tinos from it. However, the most important was this gray whale (h/t Zippy Zappy).


  1. You'll say, we've got nothin' in common
    No common ground to start from
    And we're falling apart
    You'll say, the world has come between us
    Our lives have come between us
    Still I know you just don't care

    And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?
    She said I think I remember the film
    And as I recall I think, we both kind o' liked it
    And I said well that's, the one thing we've got

    Thanks a lot TLC, now I have that mediocre song stuck in my head :(.

  2. That song has the bacon-y stench of Canada all over it, and I like it.

    Nice work on the Tiffany!