Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Being Productive

Now that I'm Mr. Mom for a few weeks until my new job starts, I feel pressured to be productive at home. Yesterday I did a load of laundry and the dishes. Today I cleaned the toilets and picked up 800,000 toys. I showered today too!

I don't want my wife working all day then getting mad coming home to find out that I did nothing all day, even if I have watched Shallow Hal and Back To The Future today alone.

Being productive reminds me of good hitters. I enjoy stats like OPS (and OPS+), as a guy that gets on base and slugs is usually pretty productive. Captain Obvious, I know...

Back in 1998, Donruss featured this groundbreaking stat, although they named it Power Index because it sounded cooler, I guess.

It's a pretty cool card, with the serial numbers matching the Power Index numbers. However, one thing that seems weird to me is that the guys higher on the list end up having more cards in the print run. Theoretically, those are the better players, and it feels like they should be rarer. I guess it's not a big deal, I always just found it odd.

I also think they should have explained that Power Index = OB% + SLUG%. I know it's not a big deal now, but back in the day it certainly wasn't well known, and wasn't intuitive at all from the card.


  1. Very cool card. Sooner or later we'll have something similar with various other metrics I'm sure.

  2. During the summers when I'm not teaching I'm my wife's "house husband". I hit up all the chores as well, and I also manage to sneak a few movies a week. I think she enjoys having dinner on the table when she get home the most. Enjoy your time between jobs!

  3. Every now and then, the concept of tiered serial numbering gets stuck in my brain. Except I'm the opposite as you. I wonder if they produced less cards of the common players, would they stir up more interest and collectibility for players that normally get tossed aside.