Thursday, July 9, 2015

Treat Yo-self - Tino edition

I recently went on a Tino Martinez splurge. I found a seller that had a bunch of inserts for a buck with free combined shipping, so I went on a mini tear. I even checked my "have" list for a change to make sure I wasn't duplicating efforts. Most of these are from 1996-97 on some very forgotten sets. 

Pinnacle Aficionado? Check.
Pacific Prisms? Check.
One of the 9,000 Pinnacle brands? Check.
Gold Medallions? Die-cuts? Refractors? Check, check, and check.

Did I say refractors? I meant ATOMIC refractors.
Upper Deck trying to be old school? Check.
Awkward Studio shots? Yup.
Not a bad haul whatsoever!


  1. Great haul for sure, I especially love that Pinnacle Dufex card!

  2. I bet Tino used that same Studio shot for his high school Senior pictures.