Saturday, September 12, 2015

Commuting + eBay = Topps Chrome auto

Honestly, I'm so out of the loop with cards and releases right now. I had no idea Topps Chrome came out, yet I was killing some time on my commute by browsing eBay (dangerous combo) and came across this sweet auto of Jacob Lindgren.

Due to his injury, his card prices have really leveled off since the beginning of the season. He's still young and oozing with potential,and I'm certain he'll be a big piece of the bullpen next year as long as he's healthy.

I thought this Topps Chrome auto looked really sharp. The colors look great (trust me, they's a bad scan) and the shot of Lindgren is nice, plus the auto is on card. A bunch of winners in my book!


  1. Browsing eBay anytime of the day is dangerous. After almost two months without a pay check, I've definitely tried to keep my distance from that money pit.

    Congratulations on the new addition to your Yankee PC.

  2. That's amazing. I've been browsing eBay for weeks and I haven't pulled the trigger on anything.

    Nice Lindgren. Even if he does come back and reach his true potential, that potential is a still as a reliever though...