Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Napkin Doon is still out there...somewhere

Don't let him fool you. Napkin Doon is still out there. Lurking. Watching. Waiting. Creeping.

Just before I moved, Napkin Doon sent me a big old package of cards. He had the option of waiting until I was at my new address, but chose to send to my old one so I would have more things to pack. That's just how his sick mind works.

However, he did send me a very generous stack of cards, highlighted by the omnipresent Rance Mulliniks. I know you've all been Bipped, but being Ranced is equally effective.
Napkin was also kind enough to send a card for my son's binder:
Just kidding.

And I don't have much to say about this that is PG. Troy popping a nut.
While the above cards are certainly desirable, Nap did in fact send some less valuable stuff that made me equally happy, including this 1963 Topps Whitey Ford. I love vintage Whitey!
Any vintage card with Mickey Mantle on it is welcome. This poor kid only had a Ralph Houk and Mike Cueller according to the checklist. I think Mantle was mocking him with a sly look of disdain.
More vintage, including this sweet Virgil Trucks and a Thurman Munson that was was definitely some kid's #walletcard.

Oh wait, that's better!

In terms of the non-vintage, Nap found a pretty sweet Tino bat for me. I can't believe he played for the Devil Rays.
Pitchers batting is so stupid. It looks like Pettitte was getting ready for his three year cameo in the NL with this uninspiring swing versus the Mets at Shea.
Finally, some Big Mikes, and a Jeff Weaver shiny gold card. Weaver was pretty horrendous with the Yankees, but damn this card looks like it would fall out of a Wonka Bar.
Napkin Doon, thanks for the package. We miss you around here. Come back.


  1. So Tino's post-Yankees life has been as a member of both Florida clubs in some capacity.

    *Pours some 40 ounce on the street corner.

  2. Is this a good place to announce my comeback? My comeback to the buffet line that is! Hi yooooo! Seriously, glad you got the cards and thanks for the attention. I'm always up for attention.