Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What did I just do?

Combined shipping.

Those two words can turn a small eBay purchase into something much, much more. I found a low-priced 1953 Topps card, and before I knew it, had added five more to my shopping card with combined shipping at $.10 per additional card.

So now I have the Rizzuto and these six. Does that put me on my way toward going after the Mantle-less team set? I am considering it.

The Yogi and Whitey will be tough, but not unattainable, especially at a low grade. Same goes for the rest. The Mantle will never happen. Even if I'm wealthy enough one day, I'm not sure I like cards enough to shell out the money that even a destroyed filler would cost.

Here nor there.

I do love these '53s. Some are in better shape than others, but all came at a really nice price. Can't beat that.


  1. You brought up a great point that might even make a cool future post. Cards that you'll never own even if you could afford it. Perfect example would be a 1952 Topps Mantle. Even if I could afford to purchase that card... I'd never actually do it. It's iconic and beautiful. But there's just no way I'd drop that much money on a single piece of cardboard.

    Best of luck should you decide to pursue the Mantle-less 53T Yankee set.

  2. Those cards are beautiful.
    I'll never own a minor league card of Ryne Sandberg when he player for the Reading Phillies. The price is WAY too high, so I bought three when he played for the Oklahoma City 89ers instead.

  3. If I became filthy rich and wanted a certain card I would probably do it. $300 million Powerball, hello Clemente rookie.

    Nice additions! Tom Morgan looks like a scientist that works in my building.

  4. 53 is one of my favorite sets! I completely hear ya on the combined shipping.. what was one thing becomes two or three faster than you can imagine.