Friday, October 16, 2015

Dollar Treeing it

One of coolest things I discovered in my new neighborhood is that we have a Dollar Tree nearby. It's nice to pick up the occasional household cleaning items there, but also I've seen other bloggers get cards there. I had to explore.

A few days ago I stopped in, and indeed, there were cards.

Most were non-baseball cards, such as teenybopper music and TV show cards. However, there were a few types of baseball cards:

First, there were these four-card Donruss sample packs. Some were from 2014 and some 2015.
There were also some of those awful cartoony Triple Play cards.
Then, there were these 30 card Jumbo baggies filled with junk from Cleveland, TN. So naturally I bought some.
These are fun because they say "Guaranteed one to five superstars." Sometimes you really have to guess who the superstar is, let me tell ya. Other times it's obvious. There is also quite an interesting range of years, but mostly late '80s and you'd expect.

Jumbo Baggie 1:

I have to guess that Matt Williams was the superstar. I found no one else who could be close. The oldest card was from 1986 Topps, while the newest was 1995 Pinnacle.
Pack 2:

Ok, I'd say Mike Schmidt is definitely a superstar. That works. I guess Willie Randolph is borderline, but I'll include him for the sake of it. The oldest cards were from 1987, while the newest was a Ugueth Urbina 1994 Upper Deck Prospects card.
Pack 3:

This was the best pack of the bunch. I'd say we got 2-4 superstars here. McGriff, Giambi, Dave Henderson, and Steve Finley. Ok, ok. Cases can be made for each. The oldest card was '84 Donruss, while the newest was this surprise 2011 Topps Heritage Jordan Zimmerman. Didn't expect a 2011! Also, a major bonus card - an OJ McDuffie Score football card snuck into the pack! Where is the quality control?!?!
Fun times at the Dollar Tree! I'll definitely pick up more of these, as I had fun opening them. It was worth the couple of bucks based on entertainment value alone.


  1. The Rite Aid close to my house has cards. I'm always willing to volunteer to pick up prescriptions for some reason...

    That might be a loose term for superstar for most of those guys, but still seems fun.

  2. The dollar store in my town gas similar packs. Lots of old hoop cards

  3. Great action shot on the 86T Darrell Porter. Just another reason I enjoy that set more and more with each passing year.