Thursday, October 8, 2015

Showing off my Junk

Dude, no.

I'm talking about a box of cards I received from my pal, The Junior Junkie.
You see, I won a contest of at the Griffey Card World Headquarters. I simply guessed a number and somehow came away the winner. The number I guessed? 24 for Seattle Griffey, then 30 for Cincy Griffey. 2430. How do you like that? Rigged!

The prize was 100 different Griffeys, all of which I'll give to my son and put in his binder as I force him to like baseball cards. I promise, all of these will go to him.

While there were 100, true to his word, here are a couple that I liked the most, including the iconic bubble gum card:
And of course, he won above and beyond and sent me some great Yanks, including this 1991-1992 Rising Stars book and card set that includes Tino (he's in there, I promise):
Here are a few of the Yanks, many from the '90s and early '00s. It brought back a lot of memories to go through them. We're talking Pacific Private Stock, Gallery, Zenith, Topps Stars, etc.
Topps Stars was one of the coolest sets back in 1997. It had a cloth-like feel, and the cards felt premium. They were hard to find. You definitely weren't finding them at CVS. It was a huge deal for my to get the Tino from that set, and it took years for me to track down his card in the 1997 Topps Stars All-Star insert set. It was a tough, tough find.

Unfortunately, Topps got cute in 1998 and did the whole "all cards are serially numbered" thing. Not necessary. However, this is one of those sets that I wouldn't mind them raising from the dead for a year or two.
TJ, thanks my man. The Griffeys for my little guy will surely be treasured. Hope you had a good birthday!

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  1. Congratulations on winning his contest. That Dime Sports Magazine Griffey is awesome! Off to find one for my collection.