Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Who needs The Fugees when we've got Fuji?

There have been rumors for the last few years that The Fugees will get back together. Frankly, I don't care if it ever happens. As long as we still have our San Jose Fuji, I'm good.

Recently, Fuji posted like 30 bubble mailers that were heading out. Luckily, my name was one on of them. I emailed Fuji about my new address, which made me feel a little bad. "Yo Fuji, thanks for the free cards, just send them to the right place." It wasn't quite like that, I just knew we hadn't traded since I moved.

His package did not disappoint. It was quite spectacular, actually. Check out these Tinos!
The Ticket Masters is one from 1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars. It has Chuck Knoblauch on the other side. I've know it has existed, I just never snagged it.

I was after that 2002 Upper Deck Reverse Negative Gold Jersey forever too.

And that wasn't it! He also included a brand new CC relic, and a sweet Mark Melancon 1/1 printing plate!
Great, great package. Thank you, my friend.


  1. The Fugees are so past their prime I doubt their new works would sound even half as good as their debut.

    And I'm quite jealous of the Melancon plate. Awesome package all around.

  2. That Melancon is great. I just got a package from Fuji too that I'll be posting soon.

  3. Loved the Fugees! Glad the package arrived safely. Sorry Zippy... I tried to evenly disperse the Yankees goodies between both of you guys.