Thursday, November 12, 2015

Random Listia Autos - Part 11

I'm not even close to being done with these, so let's pick up the pace, shall we? As a refresher, I won a couple high-end cards on Listia, and the seller included a ton of autos for no charge. It was super cool of him, and I've been showing these off little by little. Here are five more.

If you missed any of the previous posts, feel free to go back and check them out. There are some great autos in there.

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This guy is part of the MLB All-Name know, with guys like Dick Pole, Rusty Kuntz, etc. This guy was one of the most reliable relievers of the 80s and 90s. He pitched in 884 games with five teams, mostly with the Cubs and Indians. He also recorded an appearance in 36 post-season games, mostly with the Indians teams of the mid to late 90s. I remember him best for serving up a HR to Paul O'Neill in Game 1 of the ALDS, as the Yanks went back-to-back-to-back. O'Neill's was the third HR in that sequence. He spent a few games with the Yanks in 1993. I vaguely remember that.
Turk Lown was a closer before closers were closers. He was a reliever that often "finished" a game for his team. He led the AL in saves in 1959 with 15! Times change, eh? He also pitched in the World Series that year with the White Sox. According to Wikipedia, Turk got his name as a boy because he loved eating turkey. He must've been a huge fan of Thanksgiving.
Former Pirates pitcher Cal Hogue makes an appearance next. He had a pretty uninspiring career, pitching from 1952-1954, appearing in 25 games total. He had a career record of 2-10 in 113.2 innings pitched. Still, he was a major leaguer, and because of that, I admire him.
I wish this guy was in a Yankees jersey, but alas, Al Leiter is a solid auto. He was one of best lefty starting pitchers in the game in the late 90s and early 00s, albeit very underrated. Over a seven-year period with the Mets, he went 95-67 with a 3.42 ERA. That's really good. He was a key cog in the bullpen for the World Champion Blue Jays in 1993 and then started two games in the World Series for the 1997 Marlins. He threw a no-hitter in 1996 for Florida as well. In a fun twist of fate, he ended his career with the Yankees, the same team he started with. It was a cool bookend, even though the Yanks never got his best playing years. He now is an announcer for the Yanks, and he does a very good job in my opinion. Side note - I like his signature.
Ray Knight. He's most well-known for scoring the game-winning run in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series aka The Buckner Game! He actually won the MVP of that World Series, which I admit I didn't know. He played for five teams in 13 years, spending 6 of them with the Reds, where he was an All-Star in 1980. He also appeared in the 1982 All-Star Game as an Astro...again, something I did not know. That's a common theme with Ray Knight. I knew little about him outside of Game 6, but he had a very solid career. He currently does broadcasting work for the Nationals.


  1. These are great! I think my favorite is the Ray Knight Fleer Greats card.

  2. Glad your still running through them. Keep the collection going strong my friend.