Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cards for Christmas!

I can't remember, but this may be the first time I've ever gotten cards for Christmas an adult.

My wife, bless her, picked me up one of those 4-pack + 50 card repacks from Target. I know she had no clue what she was doing, so I appreciate the effort. She said "I couldn't find ones that said Topps and I was worried they were all knock-offs." I get it. It's no obvious that Heritage or Stadium Club are Topps. If I had to go pick her out eyeliner or some other beauty product, I'd have no clue. So while these repacks aren't the greatest thing in the world, I really appreciate the effort because I know she was out of her comfort zone.

Plus, it made for a fun stocking stuffer. The four packs were 2015 Gypsy Queen, 2015 Topps Series One, 2013 Panini Cooperstown, and 2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball.

In the 50 loose repack cards, I was surprised to see this fall out:
This is a red foil parallel #'d 22/50 of the new Yanks' 2B. Pretty cool card to be dangling loosely. The rest of the 50 bonus cards are what you'd expect, although there was a 2011 Topps Jeter, so that's cool. The rest was mostly a mix of junk wax and a few newer cards.

Here are the best cards from the 2015 Series One pack. I had the Tanaka, and the Puig is up for grabs if you Dodger fans don't have it yet.
The Baseball Heroes pack was sort of cool, although the cards feels like bad minor league promo cards. I got a Whitey Ford, two Musials, Ripken, Piazza, and a Campanella disk (one per pack). Dodger fans, interested?
The Cooperstown cards were cool too. I like the Marichal, and the Jackie Robinson Monarchs card is pretty awesome. Again, Dodger fans, interested?
I didn't buy any GQ this year but have received some in trade packages. Nothing much of note in that pack worth scanning.

It was fun to open a few packs on Christmas, and I really appreciate my wife trying to get me cards. I think she did just fine!


  1. My wife only knows "Topps" as well. She has bought me a few loose packs over the years. It is the thought that counts!

  2. My wife usually has me text her a picture of the packs I am currently interested in, so she just has to look for the packaging. She also knows the packaging for the repacks I like to get. Obviously that method doesn't work for a surprise gift, but it's what we do.

  3. If I ever end up tying the knot... I hope my wife buys me cards for Christmas. Happy holidays! Here's to a safe and enjoyable 2016.