Wednesday, December 16, 2015

P(WE)-Town Tom sends some holiday cheer

I love a good holiday PWE, and P-Town Tom delivered. It was a really fun grouping of cards, starting with a great Reggie Jackson I had never seen before:
These are super cool. They go from being slightly below the size of a regular card, to folding out into a pretty realistic looking ticket stub. A little internet research confirms that these are from 2004 Fleer Authentix. The insert set is called Ticket Studs. Get it? Studs? Stubs?

Tom also sent not one, but two Robert Refsnyder cards, and suggested one be for TTM. Ok, if you insist, Tom! I know in his earlier days Refsnyder was a pretty good TTM signer, although as he's grown as a prospect I'm not sure how much that has slowed down. I'll definitely give it a shot during spring training.
I've been going through a massive collection reorganization, trying to make it easier to find which cards I have. They are all to commingled right now. It's really a disaster. As I've been going along, I pull out every Jeter card, mostly because I'm curious how many I have. My theory is that I have 500 different, although that number might be way too aggressive and it might actually be half of that. We'll see. This will be going in the Jeter stack.
Lastly, Tom seems to be unloading some of his Starlin Castro cards. I guess I'll have to send him an Adam Warren to replace this Castro. Or maybe a Brendan Ryan :)
Tom, thank you sir!

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  1. Yeah, I have what seems like a metric ton of Castro dupes. The Fantasy Squad Castro was one of my favorites . . . nice action shot!
    Happy Holidays!