Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pacific dominated Christmas-time...and more.

I'm not sure how many collectors actually miss Pacific, but I do. I certainly didn't when I was growing up. I remember they had some flashy cards and those cool crown diecuts, but I was always disappointed when pickings were slim at CVS and I had to settle on a pack of Pacific Omega or something.

As I grow older, I can't help but notice some of my favorite cards are from Pacific. Some I just remember so well from flipping through Beckett as a kid. Flashy pictures. Sex sells, card companies.

In terms of Christmas, they issued those cool ornament cards in the early 2000s. I snagged a couple on COMC (Clemens was the cheapest Yank). In 2000, they came complete with a string for hanging on a tree. In 2001, they simply had a hole to punch out.
The designs are similar...and similarly awesome. These are just so much fun. Diecut to no end, they look like they may have been made with Christmas cookie cutters by card-making elves in The North Pole. There is a faint foil "Merry Christmas" patterned in the background (taboo in 2015!!!!). The cards just make me very happy. I love them.

You feeling me on the Pacific? Not yet? Ok. Well, I've already showed this sweet Tino "In the Cage: insert. Fun, right?
How about this? In 1999 Pacific Revolution, these Net-Fusion cards had pieces of mesh netting because...why not? They had the technology to it, and they did.
Cards that looked like the Aggro Crag from Guts? Yep, they had those too.
I could go on and on, but here are a few more cards from Pacific I really liked. Next time you're browsing COMC, sort by Pacific for your favorite team. I bet you'll find some cool stuff.


  1. I've gotta get me some more Pacific inserts. These look fabulous!

  2. I LOVE most things Pacific - including all those ornaments. I would also love to find a box or two of Pacific stuff to bust but I have no good sources for late 90s stuff.

  3. I have always been a fan of Pacific, that is one brand I would love to see come back as their own company.

  4. I was the exact same way. Usually getting Pacific meant it was the only thing on the shelf or the cheapest. Those inserts have been going up in value. The Cramers Choice cards are really sought after.

  5. I picked up the Pacific ornament of N Garciaparra. Pretty cool item