Monday, December 14, 2015

Pineda #125

Somehow, I'm climbing into some pretty impressive territory with my Michael Pineda collection. It started out pretty innocently. Feeling bummed about the Yankees trading Jesus Montero for him, I went online and picked up about 10-12 different Big Mikes right after the trade. Over the next couple years, I just kept acquiring, and here we are, at a nice, round number: 125.
Fittingly, it's this auto from 2011 Bowman, which I've been after for a while. I finally snagged one for a couple bucks, including free shipping. It came in a top loader in a PWE, which was expected for the price. I wish it wasn't a sticker, but oh well. I'm happy to have it.

He looks so young in the photo. He is still just 26 (and will pitch all of next year at age 27), but he looks like just a tot in this photo.

I know he's an injury risk, but he did just pitch 160 innings. Not terrible. I'd love to see him close in on 200 in 2016. I wouldn't mind seeing the Yanks lock him up for the next couple of year on a friendly contract. With pitching prices soaring, I think teams might get a bit more aggressive with their young arms. Although, I wouldn't blame the Yanks for getting what they can out of him through 2018, then parting ways.

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  1. Nice card, Pineda's a big reason why Topps/Bowman now makes sure that every top prospect (even international ones) gets a Bowman Chrome autograph at some point.