Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ain't no thing Tiny about Tiny & JBF

While I mentioned that I will no longer show Bengals on my blog due to their selfish, immature actions, that doesn’t mean there weren’t some sweet Yankees that both Jaybarkerfan and Uncle Tiny sent me.

I’ll start with the haul from JBF, including a Tino I needed. Funny, I had lower numbered versions of this card, but not the silver diecut /699. I think I like the silver color more than the others, as well. 
Staying in “guys I collect” world, I didn’t have this 2015 Gypsy Queen Phil Rizzuto yet. I think the GQ design from this year looks better on past players than current. 
This Babe Ruth insert was from 2015, but this is the first one I’ve received or even seen. I like the goldish/tan color. It looks different. 
Bernie! This minor league issue is sweet. And look, foil! It was ahead of its time. The biggest question I have: where are Bernie’s Dwight Schrute glasses? 
Finally, a Clemens from the sweet Upper Deck HoloGRFX set. Hmm, I’ll show Clemens, but not Bengals on my blog. Go figure. I really have no morals, I guess.
Tiny sent some sweet stuff as well. I have to start with this Hideki Matsui Japanese Refractor. It’s so cool. I’ve never seen this, or anything like it really. 
This Mason Williams purple Refractor is cool too. I really hope Mason gets more time with the Yanks this season.
I’ll close this out with some sweet vintage. I didn’t have either of these cards, but anything from these years are always welcome!
Thanks, JBF and Tiny!


  1. I could be wrong but I think that Babe Ruth insert was an exclusive insert set for retail packs sold at WalMart.

  2. It's funny, I was actually going to include a copy of that silver Tino in your contest winning package. I'll have to pull it from the stack and add some more. I have a similar Matsui Japanese refractor, but mine has a black border and is numbered. Great stuff!