Friday, January 1, 2016

Only the (Bowman's) Best to start off 2016

I had no idea that 2015 Bowman's Best was released...or that it was even going to exist. I feel like after the Topps flagship release, I don't really pay attention to what releases are next. I just wait for new cards to pop up on blogs or on eBay.

That's what happened with this Michael Pineda, a green Refractor from 2015 Bowman's Best. It's numbered 78/99. I'm not sure what the set entails or how many parallels there are, but I liked how it looked.

When I got the card in the mail yesterday, the front really reminded me of 1999 Topps Gold Label. Check out the logo placement in the back. Pretty close, eh? Gold Label felt a little classier with the script font and fancy product name, but the design is definitely re-used. Topps kept it to single player shots instead of two front photos, as well.

I'll probably pick up a few more of these if I see them for good deals, but this set certainly doesn't feel unique at all.

On another note, Happy New Year to you and your families. I hope 2016 holds nothing but the Best - Bowman or otherwise - for you!


  1. Bowman's Best is pretty much the replacement this year for Bowman Sterling. Although it's pretty much Topps Finest with the key hits being top prospects.
    Nice addition though.

  2. Didn't realize Topps produced Bowman's Best this year either. But if it reminds you of Topps Gold Label... I'll probably love it. Gold Label was such a beautiful product.