Sunday, January 3, 2016

First time trade with LV's Cards!

Let's start off the new year with a new trading partner.

I've been following LV's TTMs and Baseball Cards for a while, as I always love to see other collectors' TTM successes. Laurie posted some Heritage high number cards she pulled from a pack, and I set my eyes on this beauty:
Jacob Lindgren Chrome /999. I'm a huge Lindgren fan and think that while everyone is talking about Betances/Miller/Chapman being a three-headed monster, Lindgren is going to turn it into a four-headed monster. He is an exceptionally good reliever and has yet to show his potential at the MLB level. If he's healthy, that's going to change that this season.

Anyhow, I sent Laurie back a few Cubs and Royals. The trade took forever because of me, and I hope Laurie forgives me for being so aloof. Hopefully we'll trade again soon! For now, check out her blog!

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