Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Baseball Card Ripdown

Yeah, see what I did there? I replaced the word "Break" with "Rip." Do you know why? Because the most creative card blogger out there, Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown, sent me a custom rip card. Who the hell makes custom rip cards? Gavin.
I was nervous about ripping it. Ok, I cut it. I didn't officially rip it. But I was still nervous about damaging what was inside. I figured it was a Ginter mini or something. I should have known better. Behold!
How awesome is this? A custom Tino mini magnet? So freaking cool.
That's not all. As he did with Zippy Zappy, P-Town Tom commissioned a card based on Ty Hensley's selection in the Rule 5 Draft. I now have a Hensley in another pro uniform. Wow. Weird. As usual, Gavin's work was was flawless, and I thank Tom for his generosity and helping me take the next step in my Hensley collection.
Gavin also included a custom that is so good I had no idea it was a custom. Eventually I flipped the card over and saw that it was a Baseball Card Breakdown card, but the first few times I looked at it, I had no clue. I just figured it was a reprint from some Upper Deck product at some point.
I didn't have any of these Topps Retired cards. They are cool!
As is this shiny Godzilla.
Lastly, Gavin included a card for my son's HOF collection, as well as a few Sportflics, which he was very excited about because one of the players was Joey Hamilton, and his name is Joey, so it basically made my four-year-old's life.
Gavin, thank you so much!


  1. Wow. Love that Martinez magnet... but that Mattingly definitely stole the show. Gavin outdoes himself... again.

  2. Glad you and Joey like!
    I'm always losing track of what customs I've sent to trader buddies. That Mattingly custom was originally an "artificially aged" card I made (and thought I had probably sent you already), and so this one here is like the "reprint" version. I'll have to remember to send you one of the "vintage" ones next time.
    And I think that Tris Speaker snuck in from somebody else, because I don't recall including it, gotta say.

    1. Probably a F up on my part. I've received about 30 packages over the last week, so I probably screwed it up. Whoever sent the Tris Speaker, thanks!

  3. Gavin's work is the best and his trade packages are top notch. Happy Holidays!

  4. Guess I'll have to hurry up and rip my custom rip card soon! I love the Matsui!

  5. Like that Speaker. It's a picture I don't think I've seen a ton.