Friday, December 23, 2016

SuperTraders #24: Infield Fly Rule

I think I have only seven more #SuperTraders packages to send along to the original crew, and then I'll be bowing out because I just don't buy enough new product to replenish what I've sent. I'll still trade with the group, I just can't formally be a part of it. But for collectors of the Jays, D-Backs, O's, Pads, Phils, M's, and White Sox - I know I still owe you an official package, and I've got cards set aside for each of you.

Adam of Infield Fly Rule sent me a second #SuperTraders package. I'm not sure if Adam and I are the same age, but I kind of think so because he packages always come with a '90s flair. I think this is our third or fourth exchange of cards, and the '90s are definitely the motif, which I will never complain about.

We seem to share a similar love for Collector's Choice as well, which I'm always happy to see. Seriously, so much good stuff here!
I don't think baseball has any plans for expansion, but how crazy would a modern-day Expansion Draft be? Exciting and stressful, for sure.
Adam sent a fewer newer cards too. I definitely didn't have this guitar-rockin' Bernie.
Thanks, Adam!

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  1. I'm in my early 30s. So I came of age in this hobby right toward the end of the overproduction bubble.

    Glad you liked the cards!