Monday, December 12, 2016

Gypsy Oak > Gypsy Queen

A few weeks back, Mark Hoyle connected some bloggers with Jeff of Gypsy Oak. Jeff is a talented artist who creates some amazing custom cards, photos, and other pieces of artwork. Jeff was looking to scale back on a little inventory, and he sent me an awesome PWE.

I love his unique style, first and foremost. The colors, shapes, and patterns are really unlike any artwork I've seen, at least on the sports side. I think they'd look great in a larger format, such as 16x20.
Here's a great Mantle - a Hellmar Art Stamp. It has a very cool, authentic vintage feel to it, include perforations.
Perhaps the most unique item was this row of stamps. It's awesome looking! I didn't break them apart or anything, but it just feels like something you'd find in a time capsule that was buried in the '50s.
Jeff, thanks for your generosity and sharing your talent! I encourage everyone to follow Jeff on Twitter, and take a look at more of his work HERE.

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  1. Jeff's work is top notch and I can honestly say that I'm honored to have some of his work in my collection. Glad to see that word of his abilities is spreading throughout the blogosphere!