Monday, December 19, 2016

Secret Santa loot!

Last week, my wife said, “Here, you got a package from FedEx.” I wasn’t expecting anything, nor did I recognize the return address. That could only mean one thing, really: SECRET SANTA!
I quickly opened to find a blaster of Archives. Cool, I thought. I haven’t busted any of this. Except then I noticed the tape job. Oh yeah, this was just a package decoy.

Upon opening, I found a smaller wrapped box, filled with four team bags full of cards. There was a note that said “From BWTP Secret Santa.” Still, no identity! How secretive.
Whoever this fellow collector is did a great job of researching what I like. Perhaps it’s a frequent trade partner, but pretty much every card in this package was tailored to what I collect. Impressive!

While it was all great, this is the card that dropped my jaw:
Look at that! Rizzuto game worn pants, with a Jose Reyes relic to boot! I love the old, cream-colored Yankee swatches. They are so awesome looking, and this is a really sharp card. It’s crazy to me that on several occasions, a fellow collector has sent me a Rizzuto relic. There were plenty more Scooters too, as I needed each of these for my mini PC of him:
It wasn’t just all Scooter. My Secret Santa knows I love prospects! I was psyched to get another Gleyber Torres card, even if he’s still featured as a Cub. I’ll take any I can get these days! There was a ton of Bowman, overall, which I love.

Interestingly, none of these “Breakouts” are with the Yankees anymore.
Neither is this guy <sniffle>.
There were also plenty of cards of a former prospect turned mega star as well. Gary Sanchez cards are not easy to come by anymore after his torrid last two months of the season. They are nearly impossible to get for a reasonable price on eBay or COMC. There was no shortage of the man child here.
Secret Santa, hopefully you’ll reveal yourself in the comments. You did a good job of leaving no traces as to your identity. The package was above and beyond what I could have imagined for a Secret Santa gift. Thank you!


  1. That Rizzuto/Reyes is really fantastic, I may have to look at purchasing one for myself at some point.

  2. Since it's Phil Rizzuto, it seems only appropriate to say "HOLY COW!" That's a damn nice gift from Secret Santa!

  3. Mysteries are fun! The Rizzuto card is great.

  4. Glad you liked the cards. I still can't believe I found the Sanchez cards in a nickel box.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours!