Friday, April 7, 2017

eBay Enchiladas

eBay is a weird place. Just when you think you've seen it all, something else comes up.

I recently found a Tino card I needed, and was happy to pick it up for the minimum bid. Great!
It arrived yesterday, and I expected it to come in a bubble mailer. Nope! Here's how the card arrived:
In an enchiladas box!

So, so, so bizarre. It was for one card! I must say, the card arrived safely, and did not smell like Mexican food. But still, so odd.

The seller also threw in two Cardinals cards, because sometimes when I buy Tino Cardinals cards, it's assumed I'm a Cards fan. I'll just add them to my pile for Kerry.

You know what John Sterling always says: You just can't predict eBay, Suzyn.


  1. So the guys just put stamps on an enchilada box?!?! LOL That's awesome.

  2. That is some crazy packaging! At least it got there in one piece. Great looking card, 2002 Topps Pristine is one of my all-time favorite sets.

  3. I'm a little surprised they let that get shipped that way. Good thing they could read the label and they slapped a UPC code on it. I get occasional "Freebee" cards what doesn't make sense to me is when they include a card from a different sport, or a bizarre non-sport card when you bought a BASEBALL card or Football. Yes I bought this Washington Redskins card OH OF COURSE I want a New Orleans Pelicans card of E'Twaun Moore with Omer Asik. OK I didn't get that card, I don't know if those guys have shared a card I just randomly picked from the Pelican's roster list.

  4. Did you buy the card from Deadpool?

    Yeah, yeah - that joke would work better with a chimichanga box. Just go with it.

  5. You see some weird stuff coming from eBay sellers. I got a package yesterday where the stuff was packed in a box that was too small, and it bulged out to the point where the box was basically round.

  6. I've been seeing more creative packaging lately as well. That is a beautiful card btw, even if it's of a Cardinal.

  7. Oh, man! That just made my night!

  8. All I have to see is the word "enchilada" to make me hungry.

    I don't even have the base version of that Tino card, apparently. Oops.

  9. Most unique shipping package I've ever seen. Sweet shine on that Pristine Martinez!