Monday, January 15, 2018

Another redemption replacement success

Over the past few years, I've had a few Ty Hensley redemptions that I've known aren't going to get fulfilled. Given Hensley has barely pitched over the last several seasons, I've realized that his outstanding redemptions are not a priority for Topps. I get it.

Previously, I requested a replacement for a Hensley autograph, and ended up with a Kyle Schwarber autograph as a replacement. Not bad. (Read about that here)

In September of 2016, I requested another replacement. The card I wanted was a 2014 Bowman Red Ice Autograph of Ty Hensley. It definitely would have been one of my best Hensley cards. However, there was no movement on it. I was always surprised by this because Ty was so accessible, but alas, nothing.

I decided that I wanted to decide my own fate instead of the redemption expiring and receiving a random card, so I decided to request a substitute. It was hard to do, but figured if it ever was fulfilled, I could buy it on eBay from someone else who waited it out. So I went online, selected "request substitute", and waited. And waited. And waited.

I called customer service several times, and the best answer I got was that I submitted it online and that takes longer than had I done it over the phone, which was weird. When is that ever the case? But after over a year, there was still zero movement.

Finally, last month I called again and spoke to Andy in customer service. He agreed it had been too long, and agreed to help fast track it. He even asked the team I collected, and said he had to assess the value, but would get back to me later that day. He was very helpful.

True to his word, I received an email from Andy late that day, offering the following replacement.
I jumped at it. While Hensley is an important part of my collection, I felt I wasn't going to do better than an on-card autograph of a 23-year-old pitcher on the Yankees who just finished 3rd in the Cy Young voting.
Andy also threw in two bonus autographs, and while I didn't need them, I appreciated the gesture. Andy went above and beyond, and I hope Topps realizes he helped me more in one day than several of previous reps did in one year.

I'd say that this was definitely a success, and while I still wish I had the Hensley, I think I made out just fine.


  1. Sounds like some hassle and waiting was involved, but I think you came out okay in the end. The Severino is a nice card!

  2. No Jeter autograph? Request a replacement (again). ;)

  3. I almost feel that if you could combine the Topps and Panini redemption process you would have a fairly good system. I like Topps online system now which helps avoid the long waits on the phone (most of the time...), but Panini seems to have more hands on customer service. Glad Andy from Topps finally got things straightened out.

  4. Replacements never looked so good. Kudos to Topps customer service on this redemption.

  5. A Severino on card auto for a redemption? I would say you did well there Sir.