Friday, January 5, 2018

Cards on Cards coming in faster than outgoing cards

Just around Christmas, another awesome package from Kerry at Cards on Cards came in.

While I was happy to receive the unexpected package, I cursed to myself a little bit because I've been meaning to send Kerry a package, and he beat me to it again! Kerry, I do have a package with some Cardinals and some Blazers cards you probably have, I just need to hit the post office and send your way.

Packages from him are always fun because I get to see some new basketball products. I'm happy to see that NBA Hoops is growing strong. Back in the mid-90s I collected basketball far more heavily than baseball, and Hoops was a staple, especially for a kid on a budget, as it was usually the most affordable pack. I remember them being $.89 at CVS.
The Donruss and Donruss Optic cards look nice too. I wish Donruss baseball had the team-colored backgrounds like other sports. It would have made them so much better. I'm glad to get a RC of Frank Ntilikina.
I always appreciate the Malachi Richardson cards too. I have to send him a TTM request one day.
Baseball! There was some baseball too, of course, headlined for me by this excellent-looking Tino Martinez diecut.
Pinnacle Xpress came out when Pinnacle was putting out 25 different sets a year, but I think this is one of the better looking ones they put out. Pretty unique looking, if you ask me.
I do like Donruss Optic, and think the Diamond Kings look good, although I always chuckle at this card since it looks like ARod is hitting his face.
This is definitely one of the best cards of 2017!
Lastly, Kerry sent a bunch of packs from the Leaf Babe Ruth set. My son likes Babe Ruth because of the movie Everyone's Hero, so I like being able to give him card of the Babe when he asks for one.
Kerry, a package is coming your way soon. Thanks for always taking care of me!


  1. .89 cents a pack? Woof, I'd have been into basketball too lol.

  2. I criticize Panini a lot, but I do like that they've kept the Hoops brand alive at a still affordable (by today's standards) price point of $1.99 a pack.