Sunday, January 28, 2018

Organizational progress

Since blogging started for me in 2011, I've moved from New York City's Upper East Side to Hoboken to a rental in my current town to purchasing right here in Essex County, NJ.

As a result, my collection has been on the move multiple times, boxed up and never really finding a permanent place until now.

The one drawback to the house we purchased is that there isn't really an office or room for a man cave. I always wanted one, but it wasn't necessarily a "must-have" on our checklist when looking at houses. The real estate market here in the Jersey burbs is super competitive, and a house that checks off every box just isn't realistic, especially when within a certain budget.

What my house did have is a "finished" attic. I say "finished" because it was probably finished about 40 years ago, complete with ugly yellowish/orange carpet that still resides in there today. There is also an unfinished portion good for storage of Christmas decorations and old baby clothes, and a bathroom with a cast iron tub that must weigh a few tons. Seriously, that thing is never moving, at least not whole.

I did manage to carve out a small corner of the finished part of the attic for my card collection. While it'll never be the perfect spot and someplace to chill, there's no reason I can't use it to be more organized, especially for a place to quickly store cards coming in and going out. I admittedly fell behind the eight ball when sorting, and as a result, cards piled up and it became unwelcome and daunting.

While far from done, I'm on the right track. Here is everything in December:
And here is everything as of last night:
See? Still a ways to go, but much more manageable. And I now have a process for anything unsorted that I can get to a box at a time versus just being so overwhelmed that I don't do anything.

And how ugly is that carpet? Gross. But on the list of things the house still needs, this isn't even close to the top.

Eventually I hope to get a desk in there, and maybe even a TV to watch some games while sorting. For now, I'm happy with the progress!


  1. Congrats on the progress. Eventually you'll make that corner of the attic into your own "man cave".
    Not sure about you, but I'd get a TV up there before replacing the carpet... no matter how gross it is. I really enjoy "playing" with my cards when I can have a game or movie playing in the background.

  2. Nice work on the organization. Yes, that carpet is ugly but I'm with Tom on this, get you a TV up there before anything else. Or, if a TV won't fit, get yourself an iPad or something and just sit it in the floor next to you while you scan, sort, and do what-have-you.

  3. Looking good, I'm going through the same stuff. I'd love to be at a point where all my stuff is in card storage shoe boxes, rather than actual shoe boxes. Do you like the shoe house or whatever it is called?

    1. Yeah it's the shoe house. So far I like it, as well as the sorting tray.

  4. DON'T sit ON the floor ;) find a cool chair or shaggy rug. Those shelving units are heavy duty. Great choice! I hope you can make that space your own, enjoying it more that you expect too!

  5. Good job! Here's giving you courage and energy to keep going strong!

  6. Congratulations on the purchase of a home. Looks like you made some serious progress. Wish I had some attic space to play with, because I've got a bunch of shoe boxes I need to deal with myself.