Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wes sends Sal Fasano + other mega hits

Sal Fasano is the man.
So when this card was sandwiched between hit after hit after hit of the pre-Christmas package Wes of Willinghammer Rising sent me, I couldn't help but be thrilled. I wasn’t aware that Fasano had a Yankees card, as his time in Pinstripes lasted all of 57 plate appearances.  I love having a card of such a memorable player who made a short term stop on one of my teams.

I mentioned hit after hit, right? Because seriously, this package was loaded. One after another.
These next two cards were probably the highlights, but I don’t want to play favorites. Still, I was definitely floored when this Titanic Threads ARod jersey. Sure, it’s plain gray, but it’s basically about 50% of a jersey. That swatch is mammoth!
Equally cool is a terrific David Phelps from National Treaures. There’s a hint of patch on there if you look closely around the edges. There’s a beautiful on-card autograph too.

Two other jersey cards were in the package: A BIG MIKE and a Robin Ventura. Ventura is another short-term stop guy, although not nearly as short as Fasano.
Do you like ink? Because there was plenty of that too.
I know there are a lot of Yankees trade rumors right now, but I’m in the “keep Clint Frazier” camp. I know they have a bunch of OFers, but I still think he’s got a great chance to be a very good hitter.
While neither of these guys are Yankees anymore, they are super low-numbered.
High definition! There were two of these. They are VERY thick cards. I’m not exactly sure why they are as thick as a a pack of cards. The set is 2015 Bowman’s Best High-Def Refractor.
This ARod is from the limited edition 2011 factory set. I knew I didn't recognize the shot of him running down the baseline, as it's different than his base card.
There was some sweet vintage too! Love the Joe Sewell! These will go into my son’s HOF binder.
Lastly, I got a bit sad when I saw this card, for obvious reasons.
Man, Wes. You did it again. Thanks for an incredibly generous mailday.


  1. Sal Fasano lives by me and goes to a church I used to attend. He's a nice guy.

  2. Sal Fasano's printing plate (of that card) has been on COMC for a while now. I always see it when I take my occasional glances at the site.

  3. Graham Stoneburner is a 10 WAR name.

  4. Those are some awesome looking cards. That titanic Threads ARod is a mammoth jersey card.