Thursday, January 4, 2018

Focus Pocus!

One of my goals for ages has been to organize my Derek Jeter collection. I don’t think I’ve purchased more than 10-15 Jeter singles since I got back into collecting. Nearly every trade package from my blogging friends tends to include a Jeter or two, and as a result, I’ve accumulated several hundred. For that, I thank all of you!

I don’t have the final numbers yet, but it’s been a great first use of my new card sorting tray!
During my COMC Black Friday order, I decided to take a quick browse for some cool looking Jeters I knew I didn’t have. I added two to my cart:
The first one was what really caught my eye. It’s a 2001 Fleer Focus insert called Focus Pocus. Fun! The card itself is very shiny. I knew without checking that I didn’t have it.

The second was from 1997 Circa. The insert itself is from the Circa Boss set. It’s got some texture to it and the text is a bit raised and bumpy. Sort of like an old Goosebumps novel. However, I admit I was disappointed by the card itself. It looks better in the photos than it does in hand. It just felt a little lackluster. Still, it was just a throw-in to a large purpose, and was a card I didn’t have, so I’m happy.

I don’t see myself really buy more Jeters outside of the eventual autograph, but it’s not a bad strategy to throw a few into large COMC orders. However, hopefully my blogging friends will continue to include Jeters once in a while in trade packages. That’s where my collection has grown most!


  1. Both of those Jeter cards could easily be photoshopped with hockey sticks to be gearing up for a slapshot, haha.

    I used Sportlots to pick up quite a few Ivy cards recently. I would try to maximize shipping with individual sellers and would routinely type in Sandberg, Grace, Sosa and various other Cubs to try to fill in gaps that way.

  2. I hope you enjoy your sorting tray as much as I do mine. I think back to the days before I used barbaric!!! hahaha

  3. Jeter is one of the only Yankees I will actively pursue. If I see an insert or a parallel in any dime/quarter bin, I always grab them no questions asked. He's one of those guys you just can't help but admire.

  4. I like the looks of that sorting tray. That's almost as nice of a pick up as the two Jeters!

  5. I agree with Tom, that sorting tray is a great way to display those great Jeter cards. I've never seen a Focus Pocus insert before. COMC is great for stuff like that.