Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My first 2018 mailday features the new Yankees slugger

Today I was fortunate enough to have off of work. My company gives us Jan 2nd as a paid holiday, which I think is rare given that most friends of mine went back to work. So the same "Sunday Scaries" you all had yesterday are creeping in for me today. I haven't had to work since Friday, Dec 22. I'm not looking forwarding to commuting tomorrow.

However, I did spend a portion of today starting to organize some cards, and while it doesn't look like I did a ton, I did feel good about what I did.

I also happened to be looking out the window when my friendly mailman made his way to my house, so I quickly collected the mail in hopes there was something for me that wasn't a bill or junk.

And I did get my first card of 2018!
Given how many times I bought Aaron Judge Topps NOW cards, it was basically a given that I'd buy the first Stanton card from his introductory press conference. I haven't decided how hard I'll collect Stanton cards, but I'm leaning toward casually. I'll be happy when I pull his cards and receive them in trade packages, but I don't plan on him being a guy I chase like I do Tino or Ty Hensley.

Either way, I did want this card commemorating the Stanton trade and press conference, and I think it's a great sign that it's the first card I received in 2018.

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  1. Gotta wonder if these two will become the 2nd pair of teammates in MLB history to both hit 50 home runs in a season.