Sunday, January 7, 2018

TTM Success: Jack Clark

He wasn't a Yankee for long, but I'm glad Jack Clark spent the 1988 season with New York. I knew him as a great power hitter when I was young, and I remember being excited as a kid that he was on the Yankees.

Apparently Clark didn't mesh well with Lou Piniella, which led to his eventual trade after one year.

However, in his one year in NY, he hit .242 with 27 HRs while mostly DHing. As he normally did, he drew over 100 walks. I didn't realize it until looking at his stats, but he was quite a gaudy OBP guy. The season before in St. Louis, he got on at a .459 clip. Crazy!

Clark signed this card for me in two months at his home address.


  1. Clark didn't mesh well with a lot of people. I remember when he went to the Yankees, I thought: "Good, I don't like him anyway."