Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Winfield for the win

The COMC Black Friday sales gives me an excuse to do what I normally don't: browse without an agenda. Many card price are slashed so greatly that there are often tons of great deals, especially on cards you didn't even know exist.

Towards the end of my order, I find myself just looking to fill up my card even more, so I'll type in random searches. In this instance, I search for Yankees 2017 and sorted by memorabilia cards, hoping to find a cool relic or two at a great price.
This popped up for less than $2.50, and I figured it was worth it to add a dual-relic of a Hall of Famer. This particular card is from 2017 Panini Diamond Kings, a set I don't follow very closely. Sure, no logos and whatnot, but I like the design and the photo of Winfield getting ready to uncork one of his powerful swings.

I like that both jersey swatches are different too, although admittedly it's not specific to whether or not they are from Yankees uniforms.

Neat card, and hard to beat the price.


  1. Cool card! Winfield's a fun guy to collect.

  2. I'm all over the relic cards these days... so much cheaper than the auto and they still bring you fairly close to the game.

  3. Cool card. I really like Diamond Kings. I keep reading about the great deals during the Black Friday sales... but I didn't any myself. I did take advantage of the free shipping though.

  4. That's an awesome card. Winfield was one of my favorites in the 80s

  5. Love that card and a great price. Congrats!