Saturday, January 20, 2018

The scanned folder is empty

This is an unsual time for me.

With the three cards featured in this post, my scanned folder is empty. Zilch. No cards waiting to be written about (aka "showed and telled" because let's be honest, that's what my posts are).

This won't be the case for long. I have a few purchases currently en route. I have a bunch of cards from my childhood waiting to be scanned and discussed. I have an organization project which I'm actually making progress on. But for now, it's a funny feeling to look in the folder and see zero cards left.

So what do we have? Three of the last cards from my COMC Black Friday order.

At this time last year, Gary Sanchez cards were all the rage. While he's still a tremendous player, he's getting overshadowed by a few of his teammates, and his card prices have fallen into a much more manageable range, especially for base cards and non-rare inserts. Here are two that set me back a dime or so a piece, which was impossible to say last off-season.
The last is one of the many Tyler Austin cards featuring RC logos in 2017. This season is pretty much make or break for Austin. He'll play most of it at age 26, but really needs to 1. stay healthy and 2. HIT! in order to find meaningful at bats this season. I'm still a fan of his, but I also know the Yankees aren't going to wait around forever for him to contribute.
I like him a lot, and hope he finds a niche with the team, as he seems like a very good dude that is well-liked. He also just got engaged, so congrats to him!

And with that, the folder is empty. For now.


  1. What's the odds of Gary Sanchez having a monster season in 2018 because Judge and Stanton take all the attention away from him? Some guys perform better once they're out of the spotlight. I wonder if Sanchez is that type of player?

  2. Congratulations! That's quite the feat. I have scans dating back to 2011. I just don't have enough time... and more importantly not enough inspiration to write a creative post.