Saturday, August 20, 2011

Donruss Pop-ups

Seeing a few of the Topps Lineage stand-ups brought back fond memories of the late '80s Donruss Pop-up cards. I know that I had many, many of these cards. And I popped 'em all like a kid from Georgetown pops his collar.

I still have two of them - they've been popped but here they are in flattened form.


Do you guys still have any of these? What were your favorites?


  1. Oh yes I had many of these. Actually I probably still have them somewhere. The Strawberry and Gwynn were my favorites. Very cool cards!

  2. I have a few still. My favorite is Eric Davis obviously. :)

  3. Sure do! These pop-ups were one of the few sets I bought as a kid that survived to my collecting rebirth in adulthood. Very cool idea.