Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I like white cards

I'm not talking about cards of people, you racists. Last night during the Yankees rain delay, I was sorting through a few stacks of cards, and this Tino Martinez Topps Gallery really jumped out at me:

I just thought, wow, that's a nice looking card. The border is a bit large and the photo a bit small, but aesthetically speaking, white cards with blue accents look nice. That brought me to another white set: 2011 Bowman and the prospect cards. I know it isn't a popular set, but for some reason, the cards really jump out at me, and I tend to think it's the white/blue combo again.

We all have different tastes. I think 2011 Ginter is ugly, but most like it. Just goes to show there's something for everyone and that's why all of this is fun.

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