Friday, August 19, 2011

Quest for '68 Topps Game: Harmon Killebrew

Last week, I posted that I was going to chase the 1968 Topps Game insert set. Now, I'm not a set builder at all, but I've always liked these little cards, and with only 33 cards in the set, it's an affordable vintage set to build despite having guys like Mantle and Aaron in it.

The Diamond King responded to my post and said that he had a Harmon Killebrew with a "22" written on it that he would send me - free of charge! Lo and behold, here is the sweet card he sent me. This is my second card in the set:

I'm not worried about condition, as I am building this set for fun. The Diamond King also sent me some great Yankee cards that I'll show off in a later post. Thanks again for your generosity!

Also, there is a contest going on over at My Sports Obsession. The cutoff is today at 5pm, so get your comment in!


  1. Nice one! I think they should've made Killer a "home run," but it's still extra bases. :-)

  2. i have it....just going thru my cards and im trying to find out what they are worth....i live in Ventura Ca and my email is