Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TTM Success: Brooklyn Dodger Bobby Morgan - '53 Topps

I love the opportunity to get vintage cards signed. I get questioned a lot when I send vintage cards away in hope of getting it signed, but I never send anything I can't afford to lose. I recently read that Bobby Morgan still signs, so I picked up a cheap 1953 Topps of him and sent it off. Well, in just eight days, Morgan signed and returned my card. His signature still looks awesome!

Bobby was a light-hitting infielder for the Dodgers, Phillies, Cardinals and Cubs in the 1950's. He never got a huge chance with Brooklyn, as he registered just under 200 ABs in each of the 1950, '52 and '53 seasons. While his average wasn't great, he did get on base a good amount of the time, including at an excellent .392 clip in '52. He finally got a chance to play more regularly with the Phillies in 1954 and went on to hit a combined 24 HRs over the next two seasons.