Friday, April 27, 2012

A Bill Buckner bat from Jaybarkerfan

Recently, Wes at Jaybarkerfan’s Junk posted a few cards. You could claim one, and send Wes any vintage card in return. There was a Bill Buckner bat relic that caught my eye. Now, I’m obviously no Red Sox fan, I despise them, which is partly why I wanted this Buckner.

I’d be glad to trade it away, but it is cool to have this little piece of history.

Wes also decided to go above and beyond as he always does. He sent me this sweet 2007 Upper Deck 1/1 printing plate that was not part of the deal. It’s my third Yankees printing plate, the first featuring a major leaguer (or someone who has spent time in the majors I should say). Chase Wright is most likely best known for letting up four straight homers to the Red Sox a few years ago. However, still a great card and I’ll never decline a 1/1.
 Wes, thanks as always!

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