Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TTM Success: T-I-N-O!

Since he retired after the 2005 season, Tino Martinez has shown up at Yankees spring training camp for a few days each year to serve as a guest instructor. Each year, I send him a TTM request, and each year I come up empty handed. Except this year. On Monday, I returned home from work to find one tiny SASE waiting for me. I figured it was a straggler from spring training. Perhaps a non-roster invitee. This is what was inside:

I was shocked! And my inner Debbie Downer immediately regretted not sending a better card. I love the surface of the 1997 Fleer, and the signature looks great. However, the photo is not good. Tino's face is blocked. But this is me being all too negative. This is a freakin' Tino Martinez TTM success! The player that I have over 600 different cards of! I was and am still elated to get this back. what a return! I did manage to get Tino once before, during the 2001 season (click here to read). I've sent to him several times since then, but not until 11 years later did I have another success. I guess that means I'll have good luck again in 2023!


  1. Congrats on your TTM succes, great to get it from one of the payers you like best !!

  2. I love the picture, its a great action shot.
    I sent 17 TTM's this spring and got 0 back.

  3. Great return, I know you're thrilled!

  4. Very, very cool! Congrats on an awesome return!

  5. So awesome to get your favorite player back - thrilled for you!

    Agree with Derek - it's a great card and Tino slanted his signature PERFECTLY on there. Not to mention, like you said, the surface is perfect for the flawless pen strokes.

    Well done!