Monday, April 23, 2012

eTopps shipped...and I'm out.

eTopps is going away. They no longer offer any new cards or really maintain their website. I had a few cards, but by no means am I an eTopps collector. With their current state of the business, I only had one card I really liked, so I bit the bullet and paid the $6.00 to have this Gary Sanchez shipped to me. The cards are really nice and come enclosed in a sealed case. It’s just ridiculous how much they cost to get shipped. Do you think I should have my Jose Contreras 2004 rookie shipped to me as well? I kid.

Anyhow, after receiving this card, I'm done with eTopps. I have nothing worth shipping and won't be pursuing any new ones unless they are in-hand.


  1. You should just sell what you have left on the trading floor. I've thought about the same thing. I'd been in eTopps since 2004 and when they announced they were not going to be offering anymore IPO's and where changing their shipping policies so you couldn't use your performance points for shipping I shipped everything in my port. Which was a lot!! But I got it all shipped for free. I had racked up an insane amount of performance points over the years. I still have about 10 or 12 cards that weren't ready to ship, and some I do want.

  2. I have a few cards from last year and it says they aren't available to ship. What is up with that?