Monday, April 23, 2012

TTM recap - 2012 Spring Training

This spring, I sent 41 TTM requests out. I received successes from 17 of them. I also received one failure (a card returned unsigned). Therefore, 23 went unanswered. Now, I will never write any of these off. They could still trickle in, but for the most part, it looks like I batted a little under .500 this spring. I know that’s part of the game, so I’m not upset. A few players were reaches and I knew that going in.

Here are my successes from 2012 Spring Training:

Ackley, Dustin
Adams, David
Brackman, Andrew
Higashioka, Kyle
Kuroda, Kiroki
Laird, Brandon
Martinez, Tino
Melancon, Mark
Nix, Jayson
Noesi, Hector
Pendleton, Lance
Rivera, Mariano
Romine, Austin
Soriano, Rafael
Stoneburner, Graham
Taillon, Jameson
Warren, Adam


  1. It's good to see you had some success this spring!

    I sent out 20 and only got 2 back. Some were stretches but most were safe bets. I doubt going to waste my time next spring writing nice letters and wasting stamps.

  2. I would think a 50% return is pretty good for that. Do you get a better return from Spring Training or the regular season?

  3. Not bad at all - and with signed cards from Mariano Rivera and Tino Martinez among your successes, 17 out of 41 seems pretty good.

    I had a slightly better success rate - 23 out of 44 - but I didn't try many high-profile players. The biggest star I got back was Jon Axford.

  4. I got a small return sending to current players. I, luckily, sent out to many coaches. The coaches gave me good returns and kept my overall numbers pretty high.

  5. Please tell me the Ackley is available, pretty please?