Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rizzuto bat relic

I love Phil Rizzuto cards. I have three of his vintage cards, as well as one of my favorite TTM autos from him. One thing I didn’t have until now is a relic. I found this 2010 National Chicle bat relic for a ridiculously low price…it was $1.99 + .99 shipping on eBay. Come on, people. How did no one else bid? Like I care. It’s a really nice card. It’s classly looking, and the die cut “C” over the relice is pretty cool. The back says that it was used in a game. I was a little worried it might have been one of those dumb seat relics, but it says game used. Probably Old Timer’s Day or something. Either way, it’s a sweet card and I was really fortunate to pick it up for such a low cost. Now I just need to find a Rizzuto jersey card.