Friday, July 6, 2012

Having some luck pulling Archives relics

As someone who pulls no relics, autos, or other high-end cards, I have had surprisingly decent luck pulling 2012 Topps Archives relics. I know they are fairly common based on the odds, but for someone who doesn’t buy a lot of packs, it’s nice to have the chance to pull one. I have bought two blasters, and each contained a relic. I also opened one jumbo pack, and pulled a relic from that too.

The most recent relic pulled from a blaster is this Starlin Castro. I’d love to trade it for a Yankee jersey from this same set. The pinstripe on the card looks great.

The other two I pulled were of Adam Jones and BJ Upton. Both have been traded away.


  1. I know Jon of Community Gum started collecting Castro recently, so you might want to hit him up.