Thursday, September 18, 2014

Help me, Howard!

While browsing Sports Collectors Daily this morning, I came across a piece where a collector turned to the WPIX News Segment "Help Me, Howard" to track down a redemption card from Topps. It's a pretty great story. A guy bought into a Topps Tribute group break, pulled a Joe DiMaggio redemption, but had difficulties with Topps customer relations (gasp!) while trying to get the card redeemed.

Unable to get a response, Howard helps elevate the matter at Topps, and ultimately, the card arrives!

You can read the post and watch the video HERE.

If you're unfamiliar, Sports Collectors Daily is a hobby-related site with a few new sports-card stories every day. You can join a mailing list (which I have done) and get an email every morning with about 3-4 new stories. I find a few interesting stories that are worth a look every week.

Rich, an editor on the site, actually added my blog to their "Blog City" section a few weeks ago, which was really cool. Go check out the site -


  1. I've been trying for a while to redeem something from Topps myself. Emails either bounceback or are unanswered and when I call customer service it just rings and rings, no voicemail, no nothing. I've just about given up.

  2. Glad to hear the guy received his DiMaggio. Interesting how they mentioned that Topps inserts redemption cards for "security reasons".