Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Seeing my hero on the way to work

This is a completely impromptu blog post. This morning, on my way to work, I saw my hero, Tino Martinez!

I had just gotten my iced coffee from the street cart on 62nd and Columbus and was making my way uptown. At 65th and Columbus, walking toward me by himself, was my hero, Tino Martinez. He was walking quickly, like he was on a mission. He was in a royal blue t-shirt and sunglasses.

Not wanting to blow my chance of at least saying something, as I was nearing him, I yelled, "Hey Tino!" and put out my fist. He said "Hey!" and returned the fist bump. Now, I'm not a "bro" who fist bumps everyone and their mother, but I figured it was a baseball thing and easy to do in passing, as opposed to a hand shake or an awkward high five.

I've also met plenty of high-profile athletes, but there was something different about unexpectedly seeing my favorite player of all time. There's no way to prepare for it.

I would have loved to stop and talk, but it was clear he was on a mission. Plus, it would have been a little creepy to say, "I collect your cards and you are my hero." I would have loved to ask for an autograph, but I didn't have anything with me. Just simply seeing him out and about in NY was enough to make my day.

If this is a sign of things to come today, it's going to be an awesome day.


  1. This might be one of my favorite posts of recent memory! Congrats!

  2. Well done man, you wanna do some scratch offs while you're at it today!

  3. This post made me smile. A quick but awesome interaction with Tino. Fantastic!

    Have you thought about carrying a Tino card with you from now on? You never know when he might be in line in front of you getting coffee... that would be pretty great!

    1. I should! Like Bob Costas and his Mickey Mantle card.

  4. Nice one dude :). Now you can join the "I've met my favorite player before" club. Welcome.

  5. Way to play it cool, I probably would've fallen all over myself or been too chicken to say anything and then really regretted it. Hope the rest of the day was awesome, but I'll assume that was the highlight.

  6. This is MOST excellent - a story for the ages to be passed down, for sure. Happy for you, my friend!