Thursday, September 25, 2014

Poor shipping blues

I try not to gripe on here too much, but I've gotten a few annoying eBay packages over the past few days that have left me a bit annoyed.

First off, I paid $5.50 + $2.99 shipping for this:
It's a bit more than I like to pay for an individual card, but it's an auto and has a patch, so I splurged a little. Anyways, with $2.99 shipping, you'd expect a bubble mailer, right? RIGHT? Wrong. This came in a top loader in a PWE. WTF?

When a seller charges over $2 shipping, that has to mean some sort of padded envelope. I one-starred his ass for shipping. I didn't contact him, although I wanted to.

Next up, and admittedly this is petty, but this card came unprotected in a PWE:
Ok, I only paid $.11 shipped for this card. But it's not my fault that some idiots list penny auctions with free shipping and the cards don't sell for much. Have some pride and put the card in a toploader.


  1. I've started giving harder scores on shipping too. I have a couple situations exactly like yours recently in which I paid more than $2 shipping and the card arrived in a pwe. I've also had a card damaged because a seller placed two toploaders around a card and then taped it up. Part of the card got stuck to the tape and it tore up a corner trying to get it off.

  2. Same with me. If I pay $3 for shipping, I want a padded envelope. I gave a one star for shipping and the seller contacted me and offered to refund money. I turned her down, but asked why the high shipping when you just PWE the card. She said she jacks up the shipping to recover the fees from selling.

    Hey - you know the fees when selling. If you don't like them, tough sh*t. Don't sell. Go to another website and sell. Basically, anyone that charges $3 for shipping, I will ask how the card will be mailed.

  3. Agree on both counts.
    When I sell on the bay I double my packaging as thats how I would like it but I have been on the other side like you have.
    Great cards though

  4. Fully agree with all three of you. I've started looking at the shipping cost on the postage meter, if applicable, to see the actual cost of shipping. If I'm charging $2.32 for one card to be shipped, that's my cost for postage and the envelope, and that's what I expect to pay as well.

  5. I know as someone who buys and sells on ebay that I ship like I want my stuff shipped. I also state in my auctions exactly how the card will be shipped, ie in a bubble mailer in a top loader, in a team bag. I also make sure to add some extra protection in the form of some cardboard.

  6. I totally agree, at least a rigid top loader is the minimum for protection but preferably in a bubble mailer. The mailers sell 10 for $4.77 at Walmart that isn't a lot to ask from a seller especially when they charge over $2 for shipping.