Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Some Elite Status

Lately, I'm finding that I missed a TON of cards of Tino during his 'Lost Years' with the Cardinals and Rays.

It shouldn't surprise me. I was in college at this time, and even when I got back into collecting, I never really pursued his Cardinal issues too aggressively. I love receiving them, and pick up any that I don't have when given the chance, but I've just never really sat down and figured out exactly how many card releases I missed during a non-collecting time in my life.

It's kind of exciting, always having "new" Tinos to look for. Despite being retired for eight years, there are just so many cards I haven't seen. Here's a new one that I recently snagged, numbered just 02/21. It's a Status die-cut from 2003 Donruss Elite. Definitely a nice card, and I like the die-cut design a lot despite it being

I'm up to 649 different Tinos. Anyone want to help me get to 650?


  1. I need to go through my Cardinals and pull out my Tinos. I have a bunch.