Friday, September 26, 2014

Sharing a bat

I'm still on a bit of an emotional high after watching Jeter deliver the game-winning hit last night. Like I said in my post yesterday, he's never been the best at any one thing, but the guy just knows how to dial it up for the occasion. It was a very cool ending to a storied career. I wish the Yanks were in the post-season, of course, but at least Jeter provided a few cool memories for otherwise meaningless games.

Switching gears, I picked up a new Tino recently - a dual bat relic with Scott Rolen on it from Tino's Lost Years. It reminds me a bit of the superstition some players have of using a teammate's bat after going hitless for a prolonged time. This card really has nothing to do with that, but I always enjoyed hearing "so and so used X player's bat to try and break out of his slump." So I'm going to pretend that when Tino slumped, he borrowed a bat from Rolen, and that this card actually has two game-used bat pieces from two different bats Tino used. It's my card, I can pretend if I want to.

Ball players can be very superstitious, and I know some players say things like "there are no hits left in that bat." Just another fun part of the great game.

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